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  • Bigger OINK! Mar 24, 2017
    A couple of months ago we've released head swaps that were a bit... peculiar ;) The bits we're talking about are called "boarman heads", and they turned out to be quite popular with our customers. The most common question concerning them was "are you going to release a...
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  • Shriek from the abyss Mar 10, 2017
    Another day, another shoulder pad ;) This time we have something a little more evil and twisted: Screaming Heretic Shoulder Pads! A devilish piece of armour for...
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  • Goblin Junkyard Roller Mar 07, 2017
    There is something exceptional about goblins, no doubt about it. They're small, cowardly, weak creatures and not even orks like them. That's why they ALWAYS have to try harder ;) . Gather a mob of them together and you'll quickly find out that they're capable of doing...
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  • Forge guardians shoulder pads Feb 24, 2017
    New shoulder pads are here! Heck, we're reaching a point where pads might get separate category :D . The model has been sculpted by KulAsyrk based on sketches by...
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