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  • Head Frenzy Promo! Oct 24, 2016
      Heads up everyone! Only until friday You can purchase selected head swaps with a 30% discount. Want to know which ones? Here You go: -ANZAC heads -Ashigaru heads -Samurai heads -Evil heads -German WW2 style heads -Immortals Helmets -Werewolf...
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  • Need a helping hand...? Sep 29, 2016
    ... or a pneumatic gripper? We've got you covered - with a freshly released Loader Androbot. Sculpted by Robert Kurek and cast in high quality grey resin. Designed to work with 28mm "heroic" miniatures.
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  • Waaagh-Waaagh West! Aug 27, 2016
    Waaagh-waagh West! Sounds of gunfire, outlaws, brawls - sound pretty orc-y , don't you think? At least we've thought so and decided to put gunslingers and greenskins into mix. The theme is too tempting to pass it up. Interesting bit is this the work of our intern,...
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  • Space Brutes for hire! Aug 08, 2016
    Need a serious dude watching your back at all time? Well. Then our Space Ogre is the bodyguard You’re looking for! :) This bulky fella comes with 3 different head choices (stylish shades included) and a variety of weapons. You can hire one or three of them, now with...
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