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  • The Jungle Squad Mar 20, 2014
    The 5 man jungle squad has been added to the store. Working on an orc army has not distracted us from regular releases :). Sculpting Many of you requested after Female Guerilla models  that we should do unit...
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  • Green Alliance - the mustering Mar 05, 2014
    Orcs... lots of them... WW2 US Army gear... YAY!!! At least that were the thoughts that crossed my mind when I thought it is right around time we should work on an army. The thought of lots of models swarming on the table was simply too tempting to resist, especially...
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  • Fridays Creative Madness Jan 25, 2014
    Thought I'd share initiative I've introduced to the workshop a while back. Each Friday we can step back from scheduled project and have some fun with the things we have in mind , those that do not fit regular releases. It is also time we can use for learning and trying...
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  • Crowdfunding? Possibly... Jan 20, 2014
    Over at DakkaDakka forums I've mentioned that we're considering using crowdfunding for some of the projects. This resulted in some awesome replies and suggestions - especially OrlandotheTechnicoloured's posts brought some valuable points. Thus, so far we've come to...
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