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  • Black Friday 20% off! Nov 24, 2016
    Hey! Hope you didn't think we'd forget about this special day, did you? We'll, we've news for you: Black Friday just kicked in. We've decided to give you some sugar, so for the next 48 hours all of our items are 20% off. Who wants some?! Ready, Set, GO!!! Shop...
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  • Mecha egyptian shoulder pads are out! Nov 23, 2016
    Another shoulder pads for your space/steam knights are just in! They’re perfect for an egyptian/stygian themed army, but… not only these ones. They’ll suit any knight model just fine, both scifi and fantasy themed ones. Paladin, knight, priest or gladiator, - You...
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  • Orc Halftrack Bike released Nov 11, 2016
    Those that have a soft spot for funky WW2 vehicles will quickly recognize what inspired us to do this one - it is based on iconic SdKfz2 Kettenkrad bike. It's such a crazy one it fits an orc army more than well- especially when pimped up a bit with a "post-apo"...
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  • Steam Knights promotion Nov 09, 2016
    Hi! For the next 7 days we have a special 15% discount on a load of steam knight related products! Head swaps, capes, shoulder pads, weapons - You name it! So if You plan to defend a kingdom, pimp your forces or simply just invade an evil looking neighbour, than we've...
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