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  • Twin linked laser cannon is out. Jun 21, 2017
    Been a while since our last heavy weapon release, so we've decided to catch up a little bit. We bet none of you have seen this one coming! ;) So here it is: our brand new twin-linked laser cannon....
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  • Rotten Promo for a week! Jun 09, 2017
    To sate your all plague-ridden needs we have a new promo that will last for a week :) . We've slashed 15% off from the following products: - greater plaguebringer - plaguebringer - plaguebeast - rotten puppets - plague champion heads - biohazard...
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  • Kommissar Bust released Jun 03, 2017
    Commissars (or Kommissars if you prefer ;) ) - these men are undoubtfuly an exceptional individuals. They are the instruments of will of high-rank officers and commanders, men of great will, unquestionable loyalty and the most impressing charisma. They’ll do anything...
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  • Up, up and away May 25, 2017
    New jump packs are here! These are perfect for all the fast attack support troops on the battlefield. The storm talon pattern jump packs are designed to fit larger scale human models like space knights for example. We belive that their aggressive and sharp-looking...
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