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  • Fly my monster, fly... Feb 13, 2017
    This week we have something for truly monstrous miniatures - a set of monstrous wings. This should fit either a nasty demon, undead dragon or some sort of biomechanical creation. They are around 131mm in height so make sure your creation is big enough for those :) .
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  • Mean green gobbo machine... Feb 07, 2017
    They're green, they're mean and they're even quite brave when they ride along together. Engines are (barely) roaring when these dudes cruise down the streets, accompanied by bursts of maniacal laughter. We're talking of course about our new Goblin Bikers gang, these...
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  • Post Apo Truck released Feb 01, 2017
    A week ago we've added post apocalyptic truck to the store: This one has been spawned by Jakub Janiak during our creative Fridays. We hope to bring more models made during those in the coming months.
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  • Greyskull Shoulder Pads released Dec 23, 2016
    We've managed to squeeze one more release before hoildays - greyskull shoulder pads. Sculpted by the Pawel "Kazube" Laskowski.
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