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  • Summer, summer... Aug 08, 2014
    Summer is in full swing out here - super hot and lovely weather :) . But even though part of the team makes use of their holidays , the work in the workshop is as usual at full pace. In fact most of us work more than usual - to make for the lucky fellas that have their...
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  • Zug the Magnificent released! Jun 06, 2014
    One of the craziest Creative Fridays creations hits the store - Zug the Magnificent is here :) . Not only super cool sculpt by Konrad but also a fancy studio paintjob by Chris (I hope that Chris will bring a tutorial on how he did this one). The model is cast in...
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  • Guns, guns, more guns... May 20, 2014
    We've just added new set of guns to the store - displacement cannons. There are 2 different variants , packed into set of 6 . And for a complete off-topic : I received some questions about The Green Alliance army project. Fear not, things are moving forward. As we...
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  • Sonic Weapons released May 12, 2014
    This time we have something treading on a border of plain crazy :) - Sonic Guns. We've worked out 3 different designs - horn of destruction (aka trumpet gun), strings of pain (aka bas guitar gun), sermons of chaos (aka emitter gun). Made to fit 28mm "heroic"...
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